EBgoSniper 1.7.2

EBgoSniper is a popular eBay auction snipper for Windows

EBgoSniper is an eBay auction snipper for Windows. This is one of the most popular snipers and is perhaps the simplest one to use. After you have added your eBay account information to the application, you can start using its search and tracking features. You can carry out a rather advanced search for items from within the application and add the found auctions to the list of auctions you are following. You can then activate snipping on any item.

Snipping will bid in the final minutes of an auction so that you don't give anyone else a chance to bid in turn. You can specify how late you want the application to bid in its settings. There is one more feature here that is worth mentioning - "Don't Snipe after Win". It is a checkbox that, when activated, will stop snipping after an item has been won. What this does is make sure that if you have 10 auctions for the same product, you won't win more than once. This comes in handy if, for example, you enable sniping on 10 soccer ball auctions, but you only want one soccer ball.

It is easy to follow your auctions and, overall, the application seems to work great. I like how easy it is to add items and activate snipping. In other applications, you often have to copy the auction ID and paste it in the program - but not in this one.

José Fernández
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